Kemialytics-Cloud is an integrated platform for management and storage of customers analytical methods


Our platform, Kemialytics Cloud, was specifically designed for analytical chemists and simplifies the analytical process, making it more efficient. Chemists can upload their methods and method related documents to our platform, making it accessible anytime, anywhere and shareable with colleagues through the platform. Store, tag and search analytical work, including methods, results, literature, source documents or citation. Update advancements in real-time and collaborate with colleagues for a seamless and targeted workflow. Kemialytics Cloud is a secure platform, which can run on your own server or intranet.


  • Digital database aggregating company-wide knowledge

  • Always up to date

  • Method validation using GMP and other scientific standards

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere by all units, laboratories, regardless of geography

  • Easy to categorize and organize information

  • Fast and simple search

  • Scan and upload - create tagged digital versions

  • Simple and fast text search

  • Literature research

  • Useful rights management

  • Integrated communication function

  • Efficient change-tracking process

  • User-friendly interface

  • easy to search
  • unified searchable format
  • company-wide database
  • digitized methods
  • easy to categorize and organize
  • built-in literature research service

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